11 Reasons Go On Write Makes the Best Pre-Made eBook Covers

A striped black, red, yellow, and blue tie overlaps bare breasts with pretty rockin’ heart clavicle tattoos on Akela Mahu’s Tits and Ties cover.

At BreakWave House, we provide tons of publishing services to our writers: editing, formatting, advertising, and distribution. But we outsource one thing, our fantastic eBook covers, to one design service: Go On Write, which can be found at goonwrite.com. At this point, we’re unwilling to trust anyone but Go On Write, even ourselves, with the crucial first impression readers get of our books. Why? Because we have 11 good reasons Go On Write makes the best pre-made eBook covers. And here’s the first:

  1. Go On Write covers look extremely professional.  BreakWave House is a professional publisher that represents professional writers. So, we need covers that look professional, too. Frankly, we looked at dozens of cover designers, and not one of them matched the quality of Go On Write’s designs. [We don’t say that to be insulting, especially if you’re a cover designer. We probably just didn’t see your work! Feel free to link your site in the comments, so we and everyone else can check out your awesome designs.] That being said, Go On Write’s professional designs are the #1 reason we love its covers. Yes, smart cookies. That’s why we listed it as #1. But it’s nearly better that…

  2. Go On Write pre-mades cost only $16-45. Yes, I’ll say that for you again. Go On Write pre-mades cost only $16-45. As a start-up, we run on a limited budget. And I’m sure the indie authors and publishers reading this post do, too. So, we need professional design at a competitive price. But professionally designed covers – even pre-mades – are rather expensive. Premade covers cost anywhere from $16 (Go On Write on sale in bulk, the lowest price we’ve found) to $80. EIGHTY DOLLARS. A common price is $65. We’re not trying to say cover designers shouldn’t charge a fair price for their work. We know you’ve got to eat, too. But from an indie publisher’s perspective, we’d have to sell 40+ eBooks to break even on a single cover designed at that price. That breakeven point doesn’t even account for the money we have to spend on advertising, editing, and royalties. Again, we’re not trying to bash anyone’s cover op. But if Go On Write designs are both professional and cheaper, guess whose we’re going to buy? Go On Write’s. Furthermore,

  3. Go On Write has a HUGE pre-made inventory at those prices. Lots of designers dip their pre-made eBook cover prices as low as $30-40, but only for limited stock, limited time sales. Christmas in July type sales. And unfortunately, at this great price, they stock maybe 2-5 covers. Say you’re writing a niche fetish book (cough, like us), or a biological anthropology text, or a stock broker’s guide to at-home investments….it’s very unlikely those few covers will fit your work at all. Amazingly, Go On Write seems to have over 1,000 covers in stock at a time. So, you should be able to find what you need, when you need it. That makes us say, “thank god.” Our writers wouldn’t appreciate having to go back and make their brunettes blonds because we couldn’t find the right cover design. [We’ll never do this to you, guys.] Because luckily,

  4. Go On Write actually designs erotica covers…as well as many other niche genres. When they self-published, some of our authors told us they were turned down by cover designers on sites like Fiverr, who didn’t want their dirty smutty erotica business. Well, fine. That hurt, and seemed rather puritanical, but fine. Those designers were the ones losing business. Anyway, once you’ve realized your genre sometimes can’t even pay to party, you appreciate designers like Go On Write even more. From blacksploitation to BDSM, Go On Write’s got us covered. Besides erotica, there are 20+ other types of covers Go On Write designs. We can’t keep up with the genres it designs fore, there are  so many. So it’s great that…

  5. Go On Write has a functional newsletter for you to stay updated on new designs. No need to remember to check the site at random intervals, to see if there’s a good cover for your new book. Or worry that when you forgot to check, someone bought the right cover right out from under you. We subscribe the heck out of the Go On Write newsletter instead. It comes a few times a month, usually with news of 100+ new cover designs. [We’re not kidding. 100+.] And then, like conditioned lemmings, we rush to goonwrite.com to browse. We understand we sound like sheeple. But we need covers to sell books! And when Go On Write has a functional newsletter, being a sheeple’s darn convenient.

  6. Besides covers, Go On Write offers a variety of design services. Go On Write designs logos, cover wrap-arounds, blog headers, and lots of other useful things for authors and publishers. In fact, Go On Write designed our logo, which we’re proud to make people’s first impression of our business. So if you need help with any of those, Go On Write can fill the void. We also love Go On Write because…

  7. The designer’s also an author. This means he understands what authors and publishers want in covers and design extras. That shows in his work, which is always on point. You can read his books Alien Baggage Allowance, National Sick Day, Toboggan in Clipper Grey, and Chasing Shorts with Pints on Amazon.

  8. He’s also easy to get in touch with. He’s been very responsive to us via email at humblenations@gmail.com, which is nice as it’s the platform we prefer for official business. After you’ve paid, you just shoot him an email with the #’s of the covers you’ve purchased. In case you’re wondering,

  9. You can pay via many of your cards, or PayPal. Which is convenient. For us, it’s also essential that…

  10. The graphic designer loves his work. In one of his mailing list updates, he said “my heart’s with designing book covers.” D’aww. Our hearts are with our books, so we like knowing that his are, too. Furthermore,

  11. Go On Write’s designer has paid it forward. He’s made a great post to help other cover designers create their best work. It’s wildly popular in the blogosphere. We appreciate artists who go the extra mile to help potential competitors. We do the same thing at BreakWave with posts like this, because we’re friendly people, and believe there’s more than enough room in the eBook market for us all. Why else would we advertise who designs our covers? So if you’re designing a cover for your eBook, looking for a great, inexpensive pre-made, a custom design, or more, check out Go On Write. We, the BreakWave sheeple, were so happy to discover this design service. We hope you were – or are – too.


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